Consultancy services

Tours of Moldova, located at Moscova 21, Chisinau, Moldova, MD 2068 provides the services of consultancy for the invitation and e-visa processing processes in Republic of Moldova.

This is a paid service for only 30 EUROS you’ll get:

  1. You’ll be able to check you particular situation and chances for the eligibility to get Moldova invitation or Evisa.
  2. You’ll get an understanding how the application process for the Moldova invitation or Evisa works.
  3. You can save yourself lots of money and time by avoiding the scam offers.
  4. Undestand why non resident in Moldova companies or persons can not help you with the travel document to Moldova.
  5. Get useful advices that could help you at the moment or in the future for getting the Evisa or invitation to Moldova documents.

To proceed with a Whatsapp call for the consultacy service please pay 30 EUR via paypal link here and share the confirmation on Whatsapp number +37378705222.

Additional informations can be found on the website of the Bureau of Migration and Asylum of Republic of Moldova here



Sample Invitation.  Samples of E-visa

A short free explanation about invitation process in Moldova.

What our customers say

Dumitru made it easy for me to get the e-visa. The process is sometime complicated and he intervened and explained how I need to fill in the documents so the process went successful. Recommend him to everyone who are interested in this service.

Raed Alsuhaibani
Project Manager

We were a group of 23 people and needed tourist visa for entry to Republic of Moldova, after several failed attempts to get the visa we connected with Tours of Moldova staff that helped us detailed information’s, so we could successfully complete our visa getting process. Well done!


For my visit in Moldova I need an invitation and I found the company on internet. After talking with the agency staff shortly I presented the needed documents and the file for the invitation was submitted. The application was rejected by thanks to the insistence of Mr. Dumitru we submitted a contest, added additional documents and the invitation was granted. Thank you so much for your help! Recommend!

Ammar Al Mofleh
Civil Engeneer