Moldova’s Legends

Would you like to plunge into Moldova’s history by discovering its Legends?

Come with us!

We will take you on a trip to Moldova’s most interesting Legends that tell the story of some of the most beautiful places of our country.

„MOLDOVA” – do you know where does this name comes from? Well we also do not know exactly but there are several Legends about Moldova’s name.

One Legend says that „Moldova” is actually made of 2 words that come from the old Dacian Language: molta (many) and dava (fortress or water). This language was probably extinct by the 7th century AD.

A more interesting Legend says that the name of Moldova comes from Molda, the dog of Prince Dragoș who was the first voivode of Moldova.
This legend goes even further and it says that while hunting an aurochs the exhausted Molda drowned into the river. So Dragoș gave the dog’s name to the river and then extended it to the Principality.

We will present you the Legends of some of Moldova’s most interesting and enigmatic places.

The “Holy Trinity” Monastery of Saharna

One of the most beautiful places in Moldova is the Saharna Monastery. It is one of the oldest monastic settlements of our country.
The Legend says that Saharna Monastery was founded in 1776 by the hermit Vartolomeu Ciungu. On May 2, 1760 on his way to his fiancee he was wounded by a bullet in his left hand and one year later he left his homeland and came to Moldova.
It is believed that at the beginning Vartolomeu together with some other monks were living in the the rock monastery but as it was very difficult to live there he decided to build a terrestrial monastery. He was looking for a quiet place situated not far from the nearby settlements. It was not easy to find such a place.

Before starting to build the Monastery Vartolomeu lived 40 days of post and prayers. The Legend says that on the 40th day he had a revelation. He saw Virgin Mary surrounded by heavenly fire and Virgin Mary showed him that he should build the monastery at the foot of the three hills.


Not far the Monastery you can find the spring with healing water – The Wonder Spring. It was built right next to the place where a long time ago was situated „Vavila’s spring” which had a very warm water during the winter. Today it is believed that the water from the „The Wonder Spring” miraculously helps people healing soul and body diseases.
Saharna’s history is very vast and interesting as well as the amazing nature surrounding the Monastery.

The best way to find it out is to visit the Monastery and see by yourself its beauty and its greatness.

Make sure that you will not miss the next Legend which will tell the story of Soroca Fortress.

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