Investment Temporary Residence Permit in Moldova

Investment Temporary Residence Permit in Moldova is offered under the provisions of the law nr. 200 from 16-07-2010

A foreigner can get the residence permit with an investment in the economy of Republic of Moldova as following:

The stages of the investment process are as following:

  1. Customer decide what amount he is willing to invest.
  2. Upon a consultancy from our company he can choose the best option he is willing to invest in. As options are available real estate, IT services, agricultural production.
  3. Once the amount and field of investment is certain the customer identify the closest to his location representatives of Moldova that can be consulted here and make a proxy for the representative of our company on his behalf to perform the needed payment and documentation for the investment.
  4. Upon the documents performed for the investment customer on the base of the law nr. 200 from 16-07-2010 is entitled to request invitation / evisa / temporary residence permit in Moldova.
  5. If the customer have residence in Moldova at least 10 years he can claim Moldova citizenship.

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