CHRISTMAS traditions in Moldova

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Every season in Moldova has its charm.

Winter is one of the most beautiful time in Moldova as our landscapes become a fairy tale. And it is not just about the sights, it’s about the winter traditions.

Moldova’s winter traditions are all about love, care and spending time with the family.

We’ve inherited our traditions from our ancestors and we are keeping them alive for our heirs.


One of the most important Christian holiday is Christmas. In Moldova Christmas is celebrated on January 7 and 8. This is the time when families gather together around a festive table and enjoy the Christmas spirit.


The main Christmas tradition in Moldova is carolling. Children (and not just children) gather in groups and are going from house to house announcing the Resurrection of Christ. Every householder is waiting for the carollers because they believe that the carollers bring to their house wellness and luck. The householders reward the children with apples, nuts, bread, candies and money.


Walking with the icon

Walking with the icon is one of the oldest Christmas traditions. It is a kind of service outside the church walls, as on Christmas Eve the priests take the icon of the Nativity to every house in the locality, thus blessing the households.


Chirstmas meal

Before Chiristmas the housewives bake special breads named „craciunei”. They have the form of number 8 and are offered to carolers.

Meanwhile, the householders sacrifice the pig.  It happens a day before Christmas. Most dishes on the Christmas table are made from pork, which symbolizes the desire to have a wealthy life. The traditional roast and pork sausage, jelly with meat (racitura), sarmale are served at the Christmas dinner.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Moldova and find out more about our traditions!

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