Moldova History

The feudal state Moldova was firstly mentioned documentary in 1359 and it was formed by Bogdan I.  Along the time the most outstanding king of Moldova was Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) which ruled between 1457 – 1504, during this time Moldova reached the biggest territory and famous for being the gates to the Christian world.

After the death of the Stefan cel Mare Moldova got under the yoke of the Otoman Empire which lasted until 1812 when after the Crimean War it was annexed to Russian Empire.

During this time Moldova was named Bessarabia gubernya and the Chisinau city was the capital city of this Russian province.

Already after the First World War in 1918 Moldova voted to be a part of Romania due to the similarities in language culture and history.

In 1940 after the Ribbentrop Molotov pact Moldova was annexed to Soviet Union and this lasted until 1991 when Moldova declared it’s independence and became the UN member in 1992.

At the present moment Moldova is an European country that implements the European Union standard and living standards.

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