5 places you don’t want to miss while visiting the Orhei Vechi touristic site in Republic of Moldova.

orhei vechi

When you are in Republic of Moldova one of the must see site is the Orhei Vechi. While here it is indicated that you see the most of it among which is places listed below:

1.  The cave monastery which consist of the church St. Maria and 11 caves (that at the moment are accessible only with special equipment) made up 50 m underground and a bell tower on the surface. As an entrance it is used a tunnel made by the people in the nearby village that still use the site as a regular church. Entering the tunnel would give a special unforgettable feeling that you will never forget.










Near to the monastery bell tower, you will see a cross that according to some issue appeared in the 18th century and local people say it can accomplish wishes only by placing your hands inside of it.


2.  The second place you do not want to miss is Assumption of the Virgin Mary church which is 100 m walk from the cave monastery. It was firstly build in 1636 and during the time it several time damaged but at the moment was fully restored and open for visitors in a most beautiful part of the Orehei Vechi site. 


3. The archeological museum is the place where you will see the most important archeological findings. Here you will see objects from the Stone Age, Iron Age and medieval period up to the most recent time discoveries.




4. Another place worth visiting is the peasant house nearby cave monastery that consist of the two room house, a cellar, summer kitchen and even a chicken broth. This traditional peasant house represents the period of the 19th century.



5. Tataro-mongolian bath dates back to years 1340 – 1368 when the Golden Horde was settling in Orhei Vechi. It was a true innovation for the region in that period and it featured flor heating, steam evacuation pipes. The walls had 1-1,1m in thickness. What have remained of that building is well preserved and still can be visited during your visit at Orhei Vechi.


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