traditional moldovan food


Republic of Moldova have a rich tradition in food preparation. As our lands are extremely fertile, we grow a full variety of fruits and vegetables, from which we serve the majority of the foods at the guests table. The relation of the people here with the eastern and western civilizations also conditioned the development of the Moldavian cuisine and brought in it the elements from both cultures.

Vegetables can be served raw, used for filling the pies also they are choked, pickled, salted or marinated. Among the most preferred one are tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and cabbage. As spices in the Moldovan cuisine local people are using garlic, black pepper, bay leaves, dill, parsley, leek and celery.

Cheese pies


National dish in Moldova is mamaliga (polenta), it is served with sour cheese and meat of course a glass of wine is always available with this dish.


Polenta with meet


From the meat dishes it is most of the people are prefering the chicken broth, stew, steak and fed beef. Fish and meat dishes are prepared grilled. Before grilling, usually, they are marinated.

In Moldovan cuisine a special role is played by meat products. Among these dishes, it is more often consumed: rabbit, chicken broth, borscht, stew, steak and pork bone, small beef, fed beef. Many meat and fish dishes are grilled. The products so prepared are usually previously marinated.

Jelly with meat (racitura)                                                   

 Gravy with meat

In a typical Moldavian household, you can always find canned fruit juice, canned fruits and jams. Fruit juices are made ussually from cherry, grapes, apples and apricots these fruits grow in Moldova.

Drinks have a special place in the cuisine and culture of the Republic of Moldova. Non-alcoholic beverages include: fruit juices and fruit juices, and alcoholic beverages: wines, brandy, brandy, brandy, etc.

Canned fruits juice

Moldavian winemaking is already famous and as Moldova declared its independence this major economy branch is developing and conquering new markets. Grapes that are grown the most in our area are Sauvignon, Cabernet, Muscat and local ones like Feteasca, Rara neagra, Moldova. Renown for it’s sparkling wine production and not only the Cricova cellars bottle the finest wine as: Chardonnay, Pinot blanc, Sauvignion, Aligote, Traminer, Muscat blanc, Cabernet- Sauvignon, Pinot noir. Along with Iurii Gagarin (first space man) and many states man now every person that wishes can visit and taste the wines that brought the glory to these cellars.

Do not hesitate to explore the Moldavian cuisine and of course wines and divines.

Welcome to Moldova!

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